Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last Few Weeks!

Wow! Where has the time gone? One week from today, I start residency. I'm excited to start but still a little apprehensive about all of the responsibility that comes with starting residency. I will be starting by spending the month of July on Labor and Delivery. I'm sure it will be busy and chaotic and exciting and stressful all at once. I had the chance to go to the graduation dinner last week for the residents that are finishing their journey at my program. It was amazing to me that they will be attendings very soon - they were in my position just 4 years ago when I was a first year medical student working on a research project in the OB department at this hospital. Then I couldn't imagine being in their shoes in 4 years and now I can't imagine being in their shoes and being an attending in 4 years! It was nice to see them all so happy and to get to see all the attendings, nurses, and fellow interns/residents that I will be working with very soon.

I've definitely been busy the past few weeks. Along with my mother, I helped plan and host a huge yard sale. Having a yard sale was way more work that I ever imagine, but now my parent's basement and my apartment are clean and we made a little spending money. It was very interesting to see the people that come to a yard sale and how they act. I thought it was amusing that some people bought the highest priced items and didn't even attempt to haggle for a lower price, while other people haggled over items that were only a quarter. It was exhausting! I don't think we'll be having a yard sale again in the near future - at least until we forget how much work this one was!

Sewing has taken a little bit of a back seat while I have been preparing for the yard sale and getting ready to start my new job. I am getting prepared to make my first quilt. Most of my sewing endeavors in the past have been cute scrub hats so I don't have to wear the cheap paper throw away ones, cartoon character stethoscope covers for my friends in peds, and the occasional skirt or bag. I'm starting off with a simple quilt - just 4 inch squares sew together. I have about half of the squares cut. I bought a rotary cuter to work with, but I'm having trouble making perfectly straight cuts. It seems like the ruler tends to slip just a little while I'm making my cut and I end up with more of a diagonal line. I'm sure with practice it will get easier. I haven't gotten brave enough to try cutting through more than one layer of fabric at once yet - for right now, slow and steady wins the race!

I'd also like to send a HUGE thanks to Jen at! I was thrilled to win a little packet of awesomeness from her May Giveaway as part of the giveaway day! I got a fantastic packet in the mail with 4 gorgeous handmade wine charms, 4 fat quarters of super cute fabric (my favorite had little owls on it), a large piece of fabric, a quilt pattern, and some decals. The packet was fabulous and I can't wait to put all of it to good use! I'll have to think really hard about what to make with these great supplies and I love the wine charms since I'm a big wine fan!

I'm planning on enjoying my last weekend before starting residency by taking a little road trip to visit 2 of my best friends from medical school. I'll be back next week and ready to start my residency!

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